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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Over the years, I have collected a large number of quotations to a file I keep on my hard drive. My plan for this page is to paste them all here, and over time write a little bit of why I think the person quoted said what they said, and what I think it meant to them, and means for us today. Naturally, these will be my own interpretations with which others may or may not agree. These will probably be somewhat controversial, as many of my favorite quotations are from political men of the past; politics is always controversial, and politics in a historical context can be even more controversial. Nonetheless, I think the wisdom of the great men of the past still has merit for us today, and perhaps contains far more of true wisdom than any of the contemporary liberal vs. conservative debate which so often devolves into an oversimplified game of side taking (i.e. us vs. them).

(Note: I was going to paste them all, but this blog software can't handle it, so I will just paste a few a day, and comment as I go, unfortunately, like on my other page, that will put my introduction on the bottom.)


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